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Publications related to ESCAPE

February 23, 2010

In ScienceGuide, a site with Dutch scientific news, two ESCAPE related articles have been published.

In October 2009, an article (in Dutch) has been published with the title:
Onderzoekscommunicatie gaat ingrijpend veranderen. The article describes the advantages of enhanced publications and the need for tools like the one that has been developed in the ESCAPE-project. The article has been written by Arjan Hogenaar (KNAW) and Marjan Vernooy (SURFfoundation).

In February 2010 Esther Hoorn (RUG) and Arjan Hogenaar published an article on the use of new ways of scholarly communication, an article with the title:
Hoe Web 2.0 gemeenteraadsleden een voorsprong geeft.
The article describes how town councillors will benefit from a new information infrastructure in which scholarly and legal information sources may be combined with policy documents.


Examples of Enhanced Publications produced in Aggregated Publications Environments

February 11, 2010

The ESCAPE-project had as one of its major tasks to deliver Aggregated Publications Environments for different disciplines.

The project yielded examples within the fiels of physics, social sciences and legal sciences. Here we offer the links to these examples.

Brandaris test aggregation: (in English)

COOV aggregation: (in Dutch)

Communication with citizens: (in Dutch)

ESCAPE: Final Report

February 9, 2010

The Final Report ESCAPE has been published in January 2010 as a PDF-file (in Dutch, unfortunately).