Collaboration between researchers and IT specialists

Repositories and the deposition of objects in repositories involve scientific/scholarly communication, certainly in a SURF environment. Strangely enough, it has up to now been mainly the staff of scientific/scholarly libraries and information centres that have played a role in all this.

The development of Resource Maps makes it possible for active scientists/scholars to have a greater influence on this communication process. It is not librarians but researchers who indicate what scientific/scholarly objects are related to one another. They are also the only people who can define the relationship between those objects.

ESCAPE therefore also allocates a leading role to researchers. Because it is not possible, in a relatively small-scale project, to involve researchers in all disciplines, ESCAPE has brought in the following researchers:

a. Researchers at CRISP (Center for Risk and Safety Perception). These researchers in the social sciences focus on how people perceive risk and safety. Their research is of direct relevance for policymakers, who can make use of their findings in recommendations and advice. Derived objects such as advisory reports can be related to the results of the original research.

b. The BRANDARIS128 research team are investigating applications for ultra-high-speed cameras. Imaging of this kind is highly desirable in both physics and the biomedical disciplines. BRANDARIS128 naturally produces digital images, which can be linked to publications, datasets and videos.

c. The Centre for Public Order and Safety maintains a repository with legal annotations, reports and other publications. It wants to present these objects with their mutual relationships.

What is the role of the IT specialists?
The IT specialists are responsible for constructing the infrastructure and aids that enable the researchers to carry out their work. They also advise on how the researchers can record the relationships between objects.


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