Workshop Simple Data and Information Sharing

Two SURFFoundation project teams – ESCAPE and DATAPLUS – will hold a workshop on data and information sharing on October 29th, 2009 in Utrecht. The workshop will be held in the afternoon.
Place of venue: the SURFFoundation building, Graadt van Roggenweg 340, 3531 AH Utrecht
Discussion leader: prof. dr. C..A. M. (Kees) Aarts

A researcher produces every day lots of data and information (notes; publications and so on) that are relevant to her peers – and the society as a whole.

But until now, the possibilities for sharing these data and information wasn’t that easy. In the projects mentioned earlier (ESCAPE and DATAPLUS) tools are being developed that will make the sharing of data very simple. In addition to this, an important focus will be the realisation of relationships between publications and the data where these publications have been built on.

Relationships between information units can even go further. For instance, a scientific report may have influenced a policy paper. The relationship between science and society is a hot topic nowadays. It is hoped that the tools developed in these projects may contribute in strengthening these relationships.

During the workshop information on the two projects will be given. The main goal of the workshop is however the organising of a broad discussion in which scholars,scientists, information specialists and programmers will share there views on modern scientific communication. Another topic to be discussed is the type of tools scholars and scientist will need for the embedding of this new forms of scientific communication in everyday practice.

For registration, please use:

the SURF registration system

For more information, please contact:


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